Common Misconception About Solar 

There are lots of misconceptions passed around about solar. For you to know better and what information is wrong and right, keep on reading as we debunk the following myths about solar power. 


Misconception #1: Solar lowers your home value 

Purchasing a solar panel system for your house can in fact do the exact opposite of this misconception. Meaning, it will definitely help boost the value of your home. A new study found that solar panels are seen as home upgrades, similar to a finished apartment or a renovated kitchen. Moreover, most property buyers now are willing to pay about 15,000 dollars for a house that has even the average size of a solar panel.  

Misconception # Solar panels make more harm than good to the environment once they are thrown away after 25 yrs.  

This is not true at all. In fact, the majority of panel manufacturers will be recycling the old panels after you are done using them. It is difficult to say if people will really require to recycle them since a lot of panels are still utilized at this point. Thus, it is for you to find out about the panel recycling program of a particular manufacturer.  

Misconception #: Solar panels store extra energy in batteries 

Most of property solar systems do not actually keep energy in batteries. Instead, they are linked with the help of net metering through the power grid. Moreover, property owners are qualified with their solar panels energy to incorporate into the electrical grid. Even if it’s probable for you to incorporate battery to your solar installation, practicing this can boost the cost of maintenance, installation, and materials.  

Misconception #: Solar panels require a tracking system to follow the sun’s angle 

When solar panels are installed properly, they are placed to obtain the most amount of sun exposure, hence, having a tracking system is of no use at all. Other newer models of panels utilize tracking subsystems to adjust to the position of the panel throughout the day. However, the extra cost might not be worth the restricted efficiency gains. 

Misconception #2Solar panels are unattractive  

Due to solar power’s increasing popularity, it comes with several options now. In fact, there are available roofing shingles made out of solar panels. While going green has been famous, property owners are now starting to consider solar panels as a good investment to have. It may be possible that one of the trends now include drawing attention to your personal solar producing tool.  

Misconception #: Solar panels do not function in cold weather. 

A lot of solar panels Las Vegas actually function best in cold conditions, given that it is a sunny day. The cold temperature helps to increase the conductivity of the solar, allowing electricity to flow more proficiently. On the contrary, hot climates minimize the efficiency of the panels. Once solar panels start to heat, they produce less electricity from a similar number of light. 

Now that you know about these, it only shows that having solar on your property will only do great things to you and your house. If interested, have one installed today.