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Are You Ready for Retail Success?

For once in your IOS or Android life, you have at least played a retailer in one of the many games the app world offers. It may be a restaurant, a hotel, a bookstore, a burger stand or a grocery store. And at some point in the game, you either got an irate customer, lost stock of your goods or lost and earned a profit. And usually, each of the retail games have their own interpretation of a cash register software which indicates your success in the game.

Cash Register Software

For an entrepreneur, it’s second nature to keep track of all activities in your shop. Doing so makes sure you have control of finances and supply chain and eventually, where you lose or win. In the early days, when there were no smart phones to keep us occupied or productive, there was the famous Monopoly game, as your first try at building your own business. You don’t use a cash register software, but you improvise on how to manage your money. Same goes with your experiences with putting up your very first lemonade stand. There were no cash register software to manage your inventory of lemons, sugar, ice or market your lemonade in your neighborhood. Everything was manual and limited to some extent. The result is to either declare bankruptcy or give up on your lemonade stand. In a real business scenario, while it is not as easy going as your game apps or lemonade stand, you have the potential to grow and succeed with the right tools and smart decisions.

Make technology work for you

Your first taste of retail business might not have been successful, but at least you have learned some tricks from simple ventures. You find out that running a business is not just a matter of selling your goods to a walk-in customer or putting up posters in the vicinity. A matter of supply and demand should also be kept in mind. But gone were the days of using book ledgers and calculators to keep track of finances and products or services. Because customers have become more tech savvy, you need to keep up with their expectations on speed and ease of transactions.

This is why inventory management systems have become synonymous with retail stores. It’s that one major tool that retail store owners must absolutely have to keep track and manage supply chain, develop good vendor relationships, take care of marketing, pricing, monitor multiple establishments and manage accounting details with sync up capabilities. In effect, all these capabilities allow you to anticipate your customers’ needs, predict behavior and to just keep moving forward every day.

“Make technology work for you.” It sounds cliche’, but in this technology era, adopting technology in the workspace is no longer an issue of resistance but a matter of a timeline. When will you adapt, when adapting is what customer demands lead you? The business landscape in terms of technology is no longer on a shift, we are already in the midst, transitioning with each new technology. As a small business, take this occurrence as an opportunity to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Investing on a technology partnership

Consider technology as a long term investment. If there is one technology system that retail stores must have to manage day to day operations, it must be a cash register system. Cash register systems, such as the software built by Computerlink, offer customer order processing, inventory management, customer control, purchase order management, and integrated PC-EFTPOS packaged with a touch screen hardware, among its many features.

Computerlink has a long track record in the retail business. Since 1979, their cash register system has been implemented in bookstores, coffee shops, news agencies and general retail stores across Australia and overseas. With an extensive experience in the retail industry, over the years, Computerlink has added other POS systems customized for specific retail stores. Check out what their customers are saying about Computerlink on their website at To request for a quotation, you have the option to send the request via their website through their Get Free Quote form, contact them at (07) 3211 5662 or send them an email at

Don’t be afraid of success

Some businesses are satisfied with status quo. This has become the mindset of so many businesses that fold. If you dig deep into the situation, you will be surprised to find out that businesses give up because they cannot manage the surge of new customers and eventually lose out on their patrons.

Success can be overwhelming, but the reason why you have ventured into it in the first place is to succeed. But it should always be for the long haul. Purchasing decisions evolve, customer behavior changes and so should you change and evolve how you manage your business. In the age of technology, the possibilities and probabilities of success are limitless. Once you have adapted to that change, you can now manage and define your success clearly.

The Most Powerful SEO Metrics and How to Analyze Them

Tracking your website analytics is one of the most important aspects to your search engine marketing success. You cannot expect to simply set up Google Analytics on your website and then forget about it. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to be able to use the data on your analytics to track of any progress and any improvements you can incorporate into your current SEM strategy. If you are not knowledgeable when it comes to interpreting data analytics of your website’s SEO, you can always work with the top companies offering SEM Australia has. If you do not invest in analyzing your SEO data, you are missing out on the potential to grow your business and compete on Google.

Traffic Sources

This is one of the most important data you need to be looking at when analyzing the metrics of your Google Analytics performance. The best Australian SEO company would suggest you check this piece of data at least once a week. This will tell you about where traffic to your website is coming from. More importantly, it can help you formulate strategies for search engine marketing moving forward. When you are getting lots of traffic from a certain source, you can exploit that to your advantage and focus your efforts at that particular source.

Aside from the source of traffic or your website referrer, another important data that experts on SEM Australia has would focus on is the keyword or keyphrase used. When you know what keyphrases or keywords web users employ to find your website, then you can also assess what keywords you have optimized well. You can focus your resources on optimizing those keywords in order to get better results.


If you are an entrepreneur, gaining traffic on your website is not enough. Conversion is far more important. Traffic is only a means toward a goal, which is to get them to buy from your website or click on affiliate links or ads. Either way, you will be able to generate income for your business or website with these activities.

By looking at your web analytics report, you can determine if the landing pages or content are doing a sufficient job at converting your visitors into customers. Depending on how high or low the conversion rate is, you can make the appropriate changes on your website.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the term used to refer to the amount of time a web user stays on your page. A high bounce rate is something that website owners want to avoid. This only means that something is not working on your website that is turning your visitors away. If your web visitors are not staying on your page, then you reduce your ability to make conversions from the traffic. Do not overlook this data when working with an Australian SEM company.

Haven’t been tracking the results of your Google Analytics? Want to be able to employ this to your search engine marketing strategy? You can with experts on SEM Australia currently offers at Get More Traffic.


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