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Comprehensive Guide to Ceiling Fan Styles to Suit Your Taste

The moment you decide you want a ceiling fan for your home, you might come in with the idea of what to expect to find. However, you might be surprised to know that there are more styles available now than ever. Several furniture shops specializing in ceiling fan with light Australia has today can offer you more options than you could imagine. Below is a rundown of the options you will find so you will not be overwhelmed when doing your shopping.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

As the name implies, this type of ceiling fan with light Australia has today is designed for outdoor usage (such as in your porch or outdoor deck). You have plenty of options for outdoor ceiling fans such as those with single or multiple lights, fluorescent or LED, and more. For your own safety, there are outdoor ceiling fans that are wet-rated; this means that it is safe even when they are exposed to rain, such as those installed in a gazebo or lattice-covered space in your home.

Hugger or Flushmount Fans

This is a common term used to refer to ceiling fans that are mounted directly from the ceiling (instead of a downrod). This is designed for use on homes with low ceilings (such as those less than 8 feet in height). The blades are also considerably shorter to accommodate the lower ceiling installation.

Chandelier Fans

Also known as fandeliers, chandelier fans are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance into their home interior. This type of lighting fixture is a combination of chandelier and a ceiling fan. Hence, you get to experience the best of both worlds. You have a ceiling fan to cool off the room with and a chandelier to provide a lighting accent. You can find them on stores that specialize in ceiling lights online.

Contemporary Ceiling Fans

If you are looking for a modern style to complement your home décor, this is what you should be looking for. Contemporary ceiling fan with light Australia has to offer deliver style and performance rolled into one. Most of these contemporary styles are made with wooden or timber blades for that minimalist chic style with a cozy touch. To add a modern spin to a traditional ceiling fan with lights, the blades are uniquely shaped. Hence, it is up to you, the homeowner, to pick a style that would suit your taste and the look of your home.

Tropical Ceiling Fan

Want your home to feel (and look) like a vacation home? The tropical ceiling fan is a good choice for you! The primary distinction with tropical ceiling fans is with the style of the blade. Most are shaped or styled to look like tropical leaves to mimic the feel of a vacation beach house. You can therefore choose a blade style that would provide the perfect fit to your home’s interior décor.

Dual Head Ceiling Fan

If you are placing a ceiling fan on a larger room, you might want to consider a dual head ceiling fan. The fan heads point at two different directions so you can get a burst of air at various parts of the room. If you prefer better cooling effect over style, this type of ceiling fan is what you should invest in.

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